Pre-sintering staining: Farben, Effekten, Markers

The Farben coloring liquid is your perfect solution for staining pre-sintered milled crowns and multi-unit bridges.
It's water based and comes in all 16 VITA shades.
„We've tried a lot of coloring liquid types earlier, but KEROX is the best we've ever had, just as it should be.” - KEROX Dental customer from Poland
Zircostar 3D Multilayer Picture

KEROX Dental Colouring Liquid (Farben)

  • Perfectly matches all 16 VITA shades
  • Optimized for KEROX Zircostar (HS, HT, UHT) materials
  • Water based with trace amounts of acid and alcohol free so it doesn't evaporate
  • Absorbs deep and doesn't leave spots on the surface
  • Optimal dip time is 30 seconds
  • Red, brown, grey and green colors are more vivid than other competitors
  • Can be used in any sintering furnace
  • Dry before sintering
KEROX Dental Colouring Liquid (Farben)

KEROX Dental Effect (Effekten)

  • Use before sintering
  • Obtainable colors:
    • Light Pink, Dark Pink
    • Cervical & Fissures: Brown
    • Translucency: Grey
KEROX Dental Effect (Effekten)

KEROX Dental Marker

  • Multi-brushing and multilayering
  • Obtainable colors:
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Brown
    • Green
KEROX Dental Marker

KEROX Modelling Fluid

KEROX Modelling Fluid is used to wet the dental technician's instruments during modelling.
It is also the perfect modelling aid for wetting the brush to disperse the material.
KEROX Modelling Fluid
Working with colouring liquids

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